The area

The Dordogne / Perigord region offers many prehistoric, historic and cultural attractions of which only a few can be listed below.

In addition to caves, castles, chateaux and villages, there are countless possibilities for walking and touring in almost undisturbed nature.

The caves of Lascaux with their universally known prehistoric paintings are unique. There are also prehistoric parks where the life of our early ancestors is displayed.

The well-known castle of Castelnaud is perched on an almost inaccessible cliff.                                                                                                                     (

The chateau of Beynac above its village on the Dordogne is one of the most interesting medieval sites in the region.                                              (

The unique gardens of Marqueyssac and Eyrignac are fine examples of French garden culture.                                                                                                 (  /

There are particularly interesting river boating possibilities on the Dordogne starting from the picturesque village of La Roque-Gageac.

Sarlat is known as one of the “most beautiful medieval towns in France”. Its Saturday market with many regional products attracts visitors from the whole surrounding area.


15 kilometres from Lou Couder is an 18-hole golf course in a quiet valley surrounded by fields and woods. It also offers beginner lessons. 25 kilometres from Lou Couder is a 9-hole golf course near the Dordogne river.

In the area around Lou Couder there are several riding centres as well as a riding course offering rental mounts for experienced riders.
The Dordogne (15 kilometres from Lou Couder) offers excellent canoeing. Rentals are available in various places (e.g. in Castelnaud).

The Dordogne offers many possibilities for swimming for those who want a change from the swimming pools at Lou Couder.

Surrounding Lou Couder is a net of seldom used roads and separated bycicle paths through the fields, woods, valleys and hills.

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