Lou Couder lies 25 kilometres southwest of Sarlat, the principal town of Périgord Noir, and 15 kilometres south of the Dordogne, the main river in the region.

There are daily direct flights from the UK and the Nederlands  Bergerac, about 60 kilometres from Lou Couder.

There are many direct flights from around the world to Toulouse and Bordeaux. These airports are 160 kilometres from Lou Couder.

Travel by car
From Paris via the A 20; from Lyon and Clermont-Ferrant via the A 89 and A 20; from Toulouse via the A 20; from Bordeaux via the A 89.

Travel by train
Arrival at Souillac on the Paris-Toulouse line and then with a rental car from Souillac to Lou Couder.
We would be happy to advise guests in detail on the most advantageous way to travel to Lou Couder in detail.


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